Cyclops is an action-adventure novel by Clive Cussler. This is the 8th book featuring the author’s primary
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protagonist, Dirk Pitt. A wealthy American financier disappears on a treasure hunt in an antique blimp. From Cuban waters, the blimp drifts toward Florida with a crew of dead men -- Soviet cosmonauts. Dirk Pitt discovers a shocking scheme: a covert group of U.S. industrialists has put a colony on the moon, a secret base they will defend at any cost. Threatened in space, the Russians are about to strike a savage blow in Cuba -- and only Dirk Pitt can stop them. From a Cuban torture chamber to the cold ocean depths, Pitt is racing to defuse an international conspiracy that threatens to shatter the Earth!

[[[Cyclops (novel)|edit]]] Characters in "Cyclops"Edit

  • Dirk Pitt – Special Projects Director for the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA)
  • Admiral James Sandecker – Chief Director of NUMA
  • Al Giordino – Assistant Special Projects Director for NUMA.
  • Rudi Gunn – Director of Logistics for NUMA.
  • Foss Gly - Arizona-born criminal who Pitt had encountered before in Night Probe!, and whom Charles Sarveux wrongly presumed as dead from a rigged aircraft