5' 10". 175 pounds. Age about 35. Large soulful dark brown eyes. Thick straight black hair always combed straight back. Dark complexion. Humorous, a slight smile always cracks the ends of his lips. Personality is on the gregarious side yet Zavala is soft spoken. Flexibility muscular, he financed his way though college by boxing professionally as a middleweight, winning 22 fights (12 by knockouts) and losing 6. Graduate of the New York Maritime College as a marine engineer. He possesses a mechanical mind that borders on brilliance. Was recruited by Admiral Sandecker of NUMA right out of college.

Professional in every kind of propulsion, he can repair, modify, or restore any engine be it steam, diesel or electric and whether it is in an automobile, ship or aircraft. Zavala never hesitates to get his hands greasy when confronted with a mechanical problem. He has designed and directed construction of numerous underwater vehicles, manned and unmanned. He has 2000 hours as a pilot in helicopters, small jet and turbo prop aircraft.

His mother and father, born and raised in Morales, Mexico, waded across the Rio Grande River west of El Paso in the late sixties. His mother was seven months pregnant and Jose was born and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where his parents settled, his father being a carpenter who built furniture. Charming with women, he is in demand by many of the single women around Washington for his Ricardo Montalban good looks. He lives in a small building that once housed a district library in Arlington, Virginia, outside of Washington. The basement is where he spends much of his spare time, resorting any number of mechanical contrivances or creating new technical underwater devices. His living quarters on the main floor are decorated in a southwest flair with much of the furniture built by his father. For exercise and to keep fit, Zavala works out at a boxing gym. He drives a 1961 Corvette, mostly because it was the model with a trunk.