Lee Raferty was a citizen of the United States, and an retired deep-sea diver of the United States Navy. Lee and his wife, Maxine, made their home in Colorado near Table Lake. He owned an old International flatbed truck. Lee brews his own beer, which took about four years to get the right balance between sweetness and the bitterness. The beer was roughly eight percent alcohol.

In 1970, Lee retired from the Navy after bad case of the bends. He and Maxine moved to their vacation home in Colorado. In 1985, he was asked by his neighbor, Charles Smith, to help in the salvage of the aircraft, Vixen 03 in Table Lake. He was greedy and murdered Smith in the airplane. Raferty made it look like an accident. In 1988, Lee and his wife entertained Dirk Pitt. After Pitt was given some of Lee's home brewed beer, he pronounced it fit for commercial use. Pitt questioned Lee and Maxine about Charlie Smith, with Lee maintaining that Smith's death was not an accident.