6' 8". 220 pounds. Hazel eyes. Hair light brown, parted down the middle as was the style during the Jazz age and combed back on the temples. Age about 32. His head seems constantly dipped in deep thought and he usually speaks with head lowered and eyes peering upward as if over glasses. Actually, he wears contacts. Always impeccably dressed and is addicted to large, colorfully designed bow ties.

Paul was born and grew up around Cape Cod. His father was a fisherman. He spent much of his boyhood hanging around Woods Hole and was offered odd weekend and summer jobs by the scientists who went out of their way to be friendly to a young boy who was so fascinated by what lay hidden under sea. He was offered scholarships at several universities to play basketball, but because of his love of the sea he attended Scripps Institute of Oceanography where he eventually received his PhD in Ocean Science, specializing in deep ocean geology. It was at Scripps where he met his wife and married her after graduation. An old friend from his high school days, Rudi Gunn, assistant director of NUMA, persuaded Paul to come on board and become a member of a special team being put together by Admiral Sandecker. Paul accepted, but only on the term that his wife went with him. Delighted that he was getting two top notch people in their field together, Sandecker readily accepted.

Trout is usually serious, but often displays a sly sense of humor. He is proficient at using computer graphics for his various undersea projects. He and his wife live in a brick townhouse in Georgetown D.C. that they are endlessly remodeling. Because he and his wife like to drive off road in rural areas around the east, they drive a Hummer.