Dirk Pitt has to stop an evil CEO of an oil and natural gas company in the US from establishing absolute
monopoly over oil resources and supplies. It is a typical Dirk Pitt novel dealing with a countdown, bribed officials, and ruthless evil leaders. Pitt also unravels the work of a brilliant, reclusive scientist who had made great advances in oil technology, traced the history and found the remains of a Viking settlement on the Hudson River, and discovered the remains of Captain Nemo's Nautilus and unriddled and improved its power system (a magnetohydrodynamic engine). In the end Dirk is approached by his 23-year old twin children and finds out from them that his former lover Summer hadn't actually died in an underwater earthquake (as Dirk had believed) but had survived and raised the twins herself because she didn't want Dirk to know about her injured and pathetic state after the earthquake.